Victure HC300 26/100

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The Victure HC300 trail camera is an affordable model that has a very limited detection range and subpar picture quality. Its slow shutter speed results in blurry daytime images unless the subject is stationary. Furthermore, the photo burst mode only captures three pictures with a five-second delay. Lastly, its limited memory card capacity makes it impractical for video use.
Camera picture: Victure HC300 - Victure HC300
Victure HC300
Camera picture: Victure HC 300 - Side View - Victure HC300
Victure HC 300 - Side View
Camera picture: Victure HC 300 - Open View - Victure HC300
Victure HC 300 - Open View
Camera picture: Victure HC 300 - Close Up - Victure HC300
Victure HC 300 - Close Up


  • Inexpensive
  • No-Glow Flash


  • Very Limited Detection Range
  • Blurry Images of Moving Objects
  • Only Three Consecutive Pictures
  • 32GB Memory Card Limit
  • 5 Seconds Delay

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 3/20

The detection range is extremely limited and somewhere around only 15 feet.

Speed: 1/10

Extremely slow trigger, and even most daylight pictures are out of focus and blurry.

Accuracy: 6/10

The only reason the camera scored this high for accuracy is the limited detection range.

Battery Life: 5/10

The battery life is just average but acceptable for picture mode.

Daylight Images: 3/10

Images from stationary or slowly moving objects are satisfactory. However, most pictures of moving animals are out of focus.
Day picture: Mule Deer Buck - Victure HC300
Mule Deer Buck
Day picture: Mule Deer Buck #2 - Victure HC300
Mule Deer Buck #2
Day picture: Coyote - Victure HC 300 - Victure HC300
Coyote - Victure HC 300
Day picture: Young Mule Deer Buck - Victure HC300
Young Mule Deer Buck
Day picture: Mule Deer Doe - Victure HC300
Mule Deer Doe

Lowlight Images: 3/10

The camera uses black & white mode during dawn and dusk, and the images are slightly better than night images.
Lowlight picture: Trophy Size 7x7 Bull Elk - Victure HC300
Trophy Size 7x7 Bull Elk
Lowlight picture: Trophy Size 7x7 Bull Elk #2 - Victure HC300
Trophy Size 7x7 Bull Elk #2

Night Images: 2/10

The night images are not usable unless the animal has stopped. Sometimes, we can even tell what animal it was, as all we see is just a blurry spot.
Night picture: Young Black Bear - Victure HC300
Young Black Bear
Night picture: Mule Deer Doe at Night - Victure HC300
Mule Deer Doe at Night
Night picture: Mule Deer - Low Quality - Victure HC300
Mule Deer - Low Quality
Night picture: Uknown Animal - Victure HC300
Uknown Animal

Design: 3/20

While the listed specs of the Victure HC300 trail camera may appear decent on paper, the reality is that it is a product you would regret owning.

The burst mode is particularly disappointing, as it only captures three pictures at a time, which is insufficient to capture crucial moments. Additionally, the camera's slow five-second recovery mode means that the animal you were hoping to capture may already be out of frame by the time it's ready to take another burst of pictures.

Another area for improvement with the Victure HC300 is the poorly placed battery compartment at the bottom of the camera. As a result, the batteries will always fall out when you unclose the latch, making swapping batteries incredibly challenging, if not impossible, without completely removing the camera from the tree.

Verdict: 26/100

While no trail camera is perfect, we can usually find a suitable spot based on the camera's strengths. However, in the case of the Victure HC300, while it helped us locate a busy site, it needs to catch up in a few areas. Firstly, the image and video quality could be sharper, and the night vision capabilities are limited. Secondly, the battery life is not as long-lasting as we had hoped, and we found ourselves having to replace batteries more frequently than we anticipated.

It's worth noting that at this price point, there are very few models that perform exceptionally well. The Victure HC300's shortcomings are not unique to this particular camera, and we understand that sometimes, even $40 can be too much to spend on a trail camera. That said, we've decided to replace the Victure HC300 with a better unit as soon as possible. We'll be looking for a model with stronger image and video quality, improved night illumination capabilities, and longer battery life.

Overall, the flawed design of the Victure HC300 is a significant drawback, and it falls short of our expectations for a trail camera. It's a shame that the listed specs do not translate into better performance, and we would not recommend this camera to anyone looking for a reliable and effective trail camera.

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User Reviews

June 21, 2023, 5:40 p.m.
Anonymous 0/10

My camera stopped working completely after the first summer . It had a 2 year warranty and the company refused to honor the warranty. So the camera is junk , but so is the company

April 9, 2024, 8:22 p.m.
Anonymous 4/10

I have 25 of the HC300 and they are better than the Moultrie cams I was paying two or three times as much for a few years ago.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Victure HC300
Model Year:
Flash Type:
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
45 ft
Flash Range:
45 ft
Field of View:
90 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.30 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
32 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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Where can I get a user manual?
You can request the user manual from the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer at [email protected].

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