Moultrie Micro-42i 66/100

Manufacturer: Moultrie


Not only is the Moultrie Micro-42i the smallest trail camera offering from the Moultrie brand, but the Micro-42i is also one of the smallest cameras on the market. The camera is powered by only four batteries included in the kit. The “42i” version has an invisible flash and boasts a 42 megapixels resolution. As with most Moultrie cameras, the detection range is exceptional; however, we have noticed an unusual number of false triggers.
Camera picture: Moultrie Micro-42i - Front - Moultrie Micro-42i
Moultrie Micro-42i - Front
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Front View - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Front View
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Side View - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Side View
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Back View - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Back View
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Bundle - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Bundle
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Open - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Open
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Batteries - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Batteries
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Retail Box - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Retail Box
Camera picture: Micro-42i - Retail Box Back - Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro-42i - Retail Box Back


  • Small
  • Affordable
  • Batteries Included


  • Inadequate Flash Illumination
  • Disappointing Battery Life
  • Confusing & Limited Setup

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 18/20

The detection range is outstanding and exceeds the listed 70 feet.

Detection Range picture: Herd of elk running - Moultrie Micro-42i
Herd of elk running
Detection Range picture: Moultrie Micro-42i Detection Range - Moultrie Micro-42i
Moultrie Micro-42i Detection Range

Speed: 7/10

The trigger speed is listed at 0.4 seconds, and we found that to be about correct. There is no additional video delay familiar with other cameras in this price range.

Accuracy: 7/10

We noticed many false triggers when the camera was placed in an open space. On windy days, the accuracy was below average, so we decided to move the camera to another spot with less wind exposure. After the relocation, the accuracy has improved dramatically. 

Battery Life: 6/10

While Moultrie's specs claim 13,000 images, the included batteries were down to below 50% after only ten days of use and 200 short videos. In photo mode, the battery life is quite impressive, and we have seen over 10,000 pictures. 

Daylight Images: 7/10

Daytime images are vibrant and colorful, with a high saturation typical for Moultrie cameras. Unfortunately, while the cam has a whopping 42-megapixel sensor, we have not noticed any substantial image quality improvement over older models with smaller sensors.

Day picture: Elk cows fighting - Moultrie Micro-42i
Elk cows fighting
Day picture: Elk cows fighting again - Moultrie Micro-42i
Elk cows fighting again
Day picture: Elk Cow Kicking - Moultrie Micro-42i
Elk Cow Kicking
Day picture: Elk sticking tongue out - Moultrie Micro-42i
Elk sticking tongue out

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Moultrie Micro-42i Video

Lowlight Images: 6/10

The low light images are acceptable and only slightly grainier than daylight images.

Lowlight picture: Two elk calves fighting - Moultrie Micro-42i
Two elk calves fighting
Lowlight picture: Two elk calves - Moultrie Micro-42i
Two elk calves

Night Images: 3/10

The night illumination is the weakest point of this camera. Due to its tiny size, the camera illumination is entirely underpowered. As a result, the night pictures are weak, but you can at least still see something. Even worse, the nighttime videos are black and totally unusable unless the animal stands right in front of the camera.

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Moultrie Micro-42i Night Video
Night picture: Mule Deer Doe - Moultrie Micro-42i
Mule Deer Doe
Night picture: Mule Deer Doe & Fawn - Moultrie Micro-42i
Mule Deer Doe & Fawn

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

Coyote Night Video from Moultrie Micro 42i

Design: 12/20

On the outside, the Micro-42i is a cute little camera. The paint quality is excellent, the strap is solid, and you can even use a cable lock to secure the camera. However, you will realize the main disadvantage when you open the camera. It's the tiny size! There just isn't enough space for the screen and buttons. Also, because of the small screen, the software settings are abbreviated and confusing, and you keep running in full circles just to format a memory card. 

Verdict: 66/100

Smaller and lighter are not always better, especially when it comes to electronics. The camera is almost unusable for nighttime videos. The flash illumination is so weak that we could say it's non-existent. We did not have much luck with the included alkaline batteries, but the Micro-42i battery life performs respectfully when used with lithium batteries. Unless you specifically need the invisible illumination feature and are OK to use the cam in the picture mode only, the twin-brother Micro-42 with standard infrared illumination is a better option. 


The twin-brother Moultrie Micro-42 (without the i) provides better nighttime illumination and battery life.  


Official specs from the manufacturer.
Moultrie Micro-42i
Micro Series
Flash Type
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels
Max Video
No. of Sensors
Detection Range
70 ft
Flash Range
80 ft
Trigger Speed
0.40 second
Min Delay
3 seconds
Max Delay
60 minutes
Max Card Size
32 GB
24 months

Questions & Answers

How do I format an SD card with the bc42i? Thx Z
You need to go through the entire setup, and the last option has the abbreviation "Del" for Delete. Select Y (Yes), and the camera will format the card. Please note that formatting the card will delete everything from the card!

what is the life span of only four batteries ?
The four batteries in the Micro-42i camera will take thousands of pictures but will not last very long when in video mode. We had a bit better luck with the Micro-42 camera as it seems the traditional IR flash is less power-hungry than the "invisible" IR flash the 42i is using.