Spypoint FORCE-PRO 57/100

MSRP: $159.99 Manufacturer: Spypoint




The FORCE-PRO camera from SPYPOINT provides still images at 30MP resolution. Videos can be recorded in 4K quality but are limited to only 60 seconds. The FORCE-PRO has an invisible no-glow flash, but the unit we purchased has a blueish color paint that makes the camera hard to conceal. The camera is powered by eight AA batteries and has a two-year limited warranty. The FORCE-PRO can be secured with a cable lock and has a lockable door latch. A tree mounting strap and 16 GB memory card are included. The MSRP of this model is $159.99.
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Side - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Side
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Back - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Back
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Accessories - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Accessories
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Open - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Open
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Box - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Box
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Box - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Box
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Mounted - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Mounted
Camera picture: Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Tree - Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Spypoint FORCE-PRO - Tree


  • Invisible No-Glow Flash
  • 4K Videos
  • Two (2) Year Warranty


  • Limited Detection Range
  • One (1) Minute Max Video Length
  • Short Strap
  • Hard to Conceal

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 6/20

The FORCE-PRO camera is rated for 110 feet of detection, but unfortunately, so far, we could not get anything past only 30 feet. Therefore, we have already relocated the camera to another spot to see if we could achieve better results.
Spike Elk in Velvet

Speed: 5/10

The video trigger speed lacks the listed 0.2 seconds as most animals are way into the picture when the camera finally starts recording.

Accuracy: 10/10

While only deployed for a few weeks, the accuracy of the Spypoint FORCE-PRO is impressive, and we had zero false triggers. Perhaps, the minimal detection range is helping the accuracy.

Battery Life: 8/10

A long-term test will give us a better sense of the battery life, but so far, the batteries are holding well even when in video mode.

Daylight Images: 9/10

The quality of daytime videos is excellent, with only a slight ISO noise. The colors could use a bit more saturation, but overall, the colors are balanced and realistic.
Golden Eagle
Two Black Bears
Elk cows with calves
Bull Elk Sparring
Black Bear
American Badger

Lowlight Images: 6/10

As with most low to mid-range priced cameras, the lowlight images from FORCE-PRO suffer from higher ISO noise and are significantly more grainy than daylight images. We have also noticed considerable flickering during early morning mix light.
Suspicious Elk

Night Images: 5/10

The black-and-white nighttime pictures and videos are clear and of good quality when the animal is close to the camera, and the cam does not suffer from the typical close-up flash-burn common with lower-end cams. However, the no-glow illumination of this model is just not powerful enough to provide adequate light for anything beyond 25 to 30 feet.
Mule Deer Doe at Night
Mule Deer Doe at Night

Design: 8/20

The FORCE-PRO is easy to set up, but the camera settings are somewhat limited. The light blueish paint makes it almost impossible to conceal this camera, and the included mounting strap is one of the shortest we have seen. While the FORCE-PRO can record in 4K resolution, the videos are limited to only 60 seconds and recorded in the AVI file format. The 128 GB memory storage limit is sufficient for frequent card swaps but not enough for long-term use, especially if recording in 4K resolution. In addition, the photo mode does not offer the typical "multi-shot-burst," and the multi-shot mode has a five-second delay between pictures.

Verdict: 57/100

Daytime images are of excellent quality, but unfortunately, we can't recommend the Spypoint FORCE-PRO camera for a few reasons. Most importantly, unless you will be placing the camera on private land, the paint job makes the camera impossible to conceal. The detection range is minimal, and the video trigger speed is slow. The FOV (observable area) and the detection angle are super narrow at only 40°, the night illumination is insufficient, and the videos pick up a lot of wind noise. In addition, at $159.99 MSRP, the camera is not cheap, and we believe there are some better offerings from other manufacturers at this price point.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Spypoint FORCE-PRO
Model Year:
Flash Type:
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
110 ft
Flash Range:
90 ft
Field of View:
40 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.20 second
Min Delay:
3 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
128 GB
Live View:
24 months
Country of Origin:

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