Spypoint Flex 33/100

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The Spypoint Flex is a cellular trail camera equipped with a dual-SIM configuration for network connectivity. It has a redesigned antenna for network stability. It supports photo and video transmission to the Spypoint app. 

This camera captures images at 33MP and records videos with audio in 1080p resolution. Available modes include standard photo, video, time-lapse, and time-lapse+. In time-lapse+ mode, the camera captures both time-lapse photos and motion-triggered shots.

Key features of the Spypoint Flex include GPS capability, test and format buttons, and remote firmware update options via the app. The camera's specifications include a 0.3-second trigger speed, a flash range under 100 feet (30 meters), and a detection range of 100 feet. 

It is compatible with MicroSD cards up to 512 GB. Power options include a LIT-22 battery pack or 8 AA batteries. Our Costco bundle had eight AA batteries, a 32GB memory card, a strap, and an adjustable mount. The Spypoint Flex comes with a 2-year warranty.

Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex
Camera picture: None - Spypoint Flex


  • Mobile Connection 
  • 100 Free Pictures
  • 2-Year Warranty 


  • Slow Trigger
  • Subpar Image Quality
  • Extreme Ghosting / Motion Blur
  • Low-Grade Plasticky Finish

Camera Setup

Setting up the trail camera is straightforward but somewhat limited. All adjustments must be made through the SPYPOINT app, as the camera does not have a display. The only physical controls on the camera are the ON/OFF switch and the Format button. Additionally, subscription services cannot be activated directly via the phone app and must be purchased through the SPYPOINT website. 

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 12/20

We tested the Flex at two locations with similar detection ranges in the 50-60 feet. 

Speed: 3/10

The camera's trigger speed is underwhelming, frequently resulting in animals nearly leaving the frame before recording starts. Moreover, there's a noticeable lag between triggers, even when the Motion Delay setting is configured to "Instant."

Striped Skunks
Mule Deer

Accuracy: 1/10

We've encountered persistent issues with false triggers on our Spypoint Flex camera, which are occurring across all sensitivity settings. This flaw seems intractable, as it persists regardless of the sensitivity adjustment. The frequent false triggers complicate our monitoring efforts and lead to rapid battery depletion. Consequently, we frequently need to change batteries, a process that is not only time-consuming but also increases operational costs. Moreover, these false triggers rapidly deplete the image limits on our subscription plan, potentially forcing us to upgrade to a pricier tier with higher image allowances. 

Battery Life: 5/10

All mobile game cameras come with increased power demands. The Flex, running on eight AA batteries, shows a rather disappointing battery life, considering it only transfers low-resolution pictures. You'll likely find yourself changing batteries frequently, especially if the camera is placed on a busy trail.

Daylight Images: 4/10

Our daytime video test with the Flex camera showed that the default ISO setting might be just a bit too high. 

This is likely why the videos display a lot of graininess, kind of like visual 'static,' and it's especially noticeable in areas where you'd expect to see smooth, solid colors.

The colors are a bit washed out, lacking that pop and richness we like to see. 

The camera doesn't handle the transition from dark to light areas very well either; everything kind of mashes together, so you lose some detail. 

The overall picture isn't as sharp or clear as we'd want, and that could be because of the camera's sensor or the lens isn't the best. 

Also, the camera tends to give everything a cool blue tint, different from the colors you see with your eyes. 

Lastly, daytime videos also exhibit substantial ghosting and motion blur, which can be a bummer if you're trying to capture something fast.

Mule Deer

Lowlight Images: 3/10

The game camera demonstrates capable lowlight performance, typically necessary for trail cameras used in nocturnal settings. However, it is again hinged by the unusual amount of ghosting and blur. 

The Flex operates with a high ISO sensitivity to compensate for the lack of ambient light, which inevitably introduces a notable amount of grain, indicative of its noise performance under such conditions. 

Despite this, the camera achieves a functional contrast ratio, yet it is constrained by a limited dynamic range, which can obscure finer details in the underexposed and overexposed areas. 

Sharpness and clarity are moderate, with a tendency towards softer edges, likely a result of the sensor's limited resolution capabilities. 

The monochromatic output is standard for the infrared technology employed, which forgoes color information in favor of capturing discernible images in darkness. 


Night Images: 1/10

The SpyPoint Flex struggles significantly with its nighttime video capabilities, presenting some of the worst performance we've encountered. 

The footage is plagued by such severe motion blur and ghosting that identifying any nocturnal creature becomes nearly impossible. 

While necessary for capturing images in the dark, the high ISO setting introduces an excessive amount of noise, resulting in a loss of fine details. 

This issue is compounded by a limited dynamic range that fails to preserve details in the shadows and highlights. 

Furthermore, the lack of sharpness suggests that the camera's sensor and lens are not adequately equipped to handle the demands of lowlight environments. 

Altogether, these technical shortcomings lead to nighttime videos that are not up to par for detailed observation or accurately identifying wildlife.

Black Bear

Design: 4/20

The Spypoint Flex trail camera features a pragmatic design tailored to outdoor conditions, with a non-reflective, textured casing for environmental camouflage and durability. 

Clear labeling for operational controls and a front-facing setup aligns with its functional ethos. 

Although it features a redesigned antenna to enhance dual-SIM cellular connectivity for dependable network performance in remote areas, its large size compromises the camera's stealth by making it more noticable.

The design accommodates versatile power options, including a specialized battery pack or standard AA batteries, catering to extended use in varied field conditions. 

The design prioritizes practicality and efficiency, yet it falls short in providing in-camera options for adjusting settings, as all adjustments must be made through the app.

Verdict: 33/100

In summarizing our experience with the Spypoint Flex trail camera, it's important to note that while it offers some appealing features, such as mobile connectivity, 100 free pictures, and a 2-year warranty, several significant drawbacks prevent us from recommending it for serious wildlife monitoring or photography.

One of the primary limitations of the Flex is its setup process, which relies entirely on the SPYPOINT app due to the absence of a display on the camera itself. 

This setup is straightforward but limited, and subscriptions can only be managed via the SPYPOINT website.

In terms of performance, the camera's trigger speed is disappointingly slow, often resulting in missed opportunities to capture animals before they exit the frame. 

Additionally, the delay between triggers is considerable, even on the 'Instant' Motion Delay setting. 

This sluggish response is a significant drawback for a trail camera.

The camera's sensitivity settings also pose challenges. The camera experiences excessive false triggers on high settings, particularly in windy conditions. 

Lowering the sensitivity reduces false triggers and significantly decreases movement detection in busy areas.

Battery life is another area where the Flex underperforms. 

Despite only transferring low-resolution pictures, the battery drains quickly, necessitating frequent replacements, especially in areas with high activity.

The image quality of the Flex is subpar, both in daylight and lowlight conditions. 

Daytime images suffer from graininess, washed-out colors, and a lack of sharpness and clarity. 

The camera also imparts a cool blue tint to images and struggles with significant ghosting and motion blur. 

The issues are exacerbated at night, with severe motion blur and ghosting making it nearly impossible to identify animals. 

The high ISO setting introduces excessive noise, and the limited dynamic range fails to capture details in shadows and highlights.

In conclusion, the Spypoint Flex trail camera's significant issues with image quality, particularly the extreme ghosting and motion blur, combined with its slow trigger speed and limited setting adjustments, make it difficult to recommend for serious wildlife monitoring or photography.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Spypoint Flex
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
100 ft
Flash Range:
100 ft
Field of View:
50 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.30 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
32 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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