Hapimp PH770-8D 51/100

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The HAPIMP PH770-8D trail camera features dual camera lens technology for a versatile day and night use. This technology seamlessly transitions between modes for clear image and video capture under varying lighting conditions.

The camera provides a 32MP still image resolution and 4K UHD daytime video with audio recording and 1080p video & 8MP photo nighttime resolution.

Enhanced by 42 infrared 850nm low-glow LEDs, the camera's Super Night Vision capability allows high-quality wildlife image capture within a range of up to 27 yards.

Its 0.1s trigger speed efficiently captures moving subjects within a 90° PIR sensor range. The camera boasts an IP66 waterproof rating, performing well in diverse weather conditions.

The PH770-8D game camera operates on four or eight AA batteries (not included) and supports memory cards up to 512GB.

The package includes essential accessories like a 32GB Micro SD card, multi-language user manual, tree strap, USB cable, and mounting hardware. Note that the included USB cable is for data transfer only, not camera charging. 

The HAPIMP PH770-8D trail camera caters to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and wildlife observers, offering continuous loop recording, time-lapse mode, and sensitivity adjustments. 

Camera picture: Hapimp PH770-8D - Hapimp PH770-8D
Hapimp PH770-8D
Camera picture: Side View - Hapimp PH770-8D
Side View
Camera picture: Latch View - Hapimp PH770-8D
Latch View
Camera picture: Back View - Hapimp PH770-8D
Back View
Camera picture: Accessories View - Hapimp PH770-8D
Accessories View
Camera picture: Memory Slot - Hapimp PH770-8D
Memory Slot
Camera picture: Display View - Hapimp PH770-8D
Display View
Camera picture: Battery Tray - Hapimp PH770-8D
Battery Tray
Camera picture: Box - Hapimp PH770-8D
Camera picture: Box - Back - Hapimp PH770-8D
Box - Back
Camera picture: Box - Bottom - Hapimp PH770-8D
Box - Bottom
Camera picture: Camera Manual - Hapimp PH770-8D
Camera Manual
Camera picture: Camera in Box - Hapimp PH770-8D
Camera in Box
Camera picture: Deployed Camera - Hapimp PH770-8D
Deployed Camera
Camera picture: Locked Camera - Hapimp PH770-8D
Locked Camera


  • Inexpensive
  • 4K Videos
  • 32GB Memory Card Included
  • Dual Lens


  • Inconsistent Image Quality
  • Mediocre Illumination
  • Short Warranty
  • False Triggers

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 8/20

We always set the sensitivity option to low due to pronounced occurrences of false triggers, resulting in a subpar range of merely 30-40 feet.

Speed: 8/10

The Hapimp PH770-8D game camera exhibits a commendable trigger speed, demonstrating excellent responsiveness. Furthermore, the video recording performance of the camera is well within acceptable standards.

Accuracy: 3/10

While assessing this camera model, we conducted tests across three units, all of which consistently demonstrated notable issues with excessive false triggers irrespective of variables such as location, weather conditions, or configurable settings. While opting for the least sensitive settings provides a marginal improvement, the pronounced occurrences of false triggers considerably diminish the camera's usability. 

Battery Life: 7/10

Within its price range, the camera boasts a commendable battery life. It demonstrates the capability to record approximately a thousand 20-second long 1080p videos. However, the prevalent concern of excessive false triggers necessitates more frequent battery replacements, significantly increasing operational expenses. 

Daylight Images: 6/10

In our initial assessment of the first two units, we encountered a pronounced challenge: daylight photographs and videos displayed significant out-of-focus characteristics, with satisfactory clarity observed only when the subject was within close proximity to the camera. Following a firmware update, the issue showed only partial improvement. While the center of the imagery gained focus post-upgrade, the sides portions of our images remained notably out of focus. Across our evaluation of the three units, a sole camera managed to deliver imagery of practical usability.

Elk Pool Parties
Limping Bear
Ma Bear & Two Cubs
Elk Pool Parties #2
Day picture: Mountain Goat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mountain Goat
Day picture: Moose Bull - Hapimp PH770-8D
Moose Bull
Day picture: Bobcat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Day picture: Mountain Goat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mountain Goat
Day picture: Mountain Lion - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mountain Lion
Day picture: Chukars - Hapimp PH770-8D
Day picture: Bobcat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Day picture: Black Bear - Hapimp PH770-8D
Black Bear

Lowlight Images: 6/10

The performance of low-light images proves to be a variable outcome, contingent upon whether the camera employs its dedicated nighttime lens or continues to utilize the full-color daytime lens. The Hapimp PH770-8D game camera showcases commendable performance under low light conditions, particularly when it transitions to the nighttime monochrome lens mode. However, during its daytime full-color mode, images exhibit substantial graininess and a degree of darkness.

Night Images: 5/10

Our expectations were set higher, considering Hapimp incorporated a dedicated nighttime lens in this model. However, our assessment attributes the outcome to the subpar illumination quality. With a flash illumination mainly pointing at the center, the result is uneven illumination and pronounced vignetting, yielding darker and less illuminated corners or edges within the image frame, in contrast to the relatively brighter center.

Big Cougar
Night picture: Billy the Mountain Goat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Billy the Mountain Goat
Bobcat at night
Big Male Cougar
Night picture: Mule Deer 4x4 Buck - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mule Deer 4x4 Buck
Night picture: Mule Deer Buck - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mule Deer Buck
Night picture: Mountain Lion - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mountain Lion
Six Coyotes
Night picture: Bobcat at Night - Hapimp PH770-8D
Bobcat at Night
Night picture: Mule Deer - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mule Deer
Night picture: Mountain Goat - Hapimp PH770-8D
Mountain Goat
Night picture: Cougar - Hapimp PH770-8D
Night picture: Bull Moose - Hapimp PH770-8D
Bull Moose

Design: 8/20

With the inclusion of two lenses, robust battery life, a secure lockable latch, an appealing finish, and the added convenience of an included memory card, the PH770-8D camera encompasses features akin to those found in significantly higher-priced trail cameras. Regrettably, the overall value is hampered by issues pertaining to quality control and the presence of glitchy software.

Verdict: 51/100

With its impressive specifications and budget-friendly cost, our expectations for this trail camera were notably high. 

Regrettably, our experience with the two units we procured was disappointing, marred by the production of unusable out-of-focus images. 

We engaged their customer support in pursuit of a remedy, which promptly furnished instructions for a camera firmware update. 

Additionally, they provided a replacement unit without charge. 

However, the subsequent replacement unit exhibited akin issues, and the reinstated software merely offered partial relief from the out-of-focus complications. 

Among the three units we scrutinized, a solitary one presently stands as moderately operational and deployed.

Given the prevailing circumstances, our current recommendation is to exercise patience before considering an investment in this model. 

Nevertheless, we remain vigilant for future developments from Hapimp, as this camera's potential is undeniable—especially if firmware updates manage to rectify image quality and false trigger concerns.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Hapimp PH770-8D
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
82 ft
Flash Range:
82 ft
Field of View:
90 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.10 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
512 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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