Rigdoo HT-10 36/100

MSRP: $89.99 Manufacturer: Rigdoo




The technical specifications for the Rigdoo HT-10 trail camera, as listed on Amazon, where we purchased two units, appear inaccurate and potentially misleading.

Despite a typical requirement for manufacturers to include comprehensive technical specifications in the user manual, such details are entirely absent in this case.

The camera is advertised as having a 120-degree field of view; however, our direct measurements reveal a significantly reduced angle of merely 40 degrees!

While the camera is marketed as having "non-glow" infrared LEDs,  it utilizes regular 48 low-glow LEDs visible to humans and most animals.

The Rigdoo HT-10 trail camera can capture still images at resolutions up to 24MP and record videos at 1520P.

It features a motion-activated trigger, with the manufacturer claiming a response time under 0.1 seconds. The stated detection range is 25 meters, but our tests again show otherwise.

The HT-10 includes a 2.4-inch LCD screen for reviewing images and adjusting settings. Additionally, the Rigdoo HT-10 has an IP66 rating for water and dust resistance.

The manufacturer provides a mounting bracket to facilitate installation.

Camera picture: New in Box - Rigdoo HT-10
New in Box
Camera picture: New in Box - Rigdoo HT-10
New in Box
Camera picture: New in Box - Code - Rigdoo HT-10
New in Box - Code
Camera picture: Open Box - Rigdoo HT-10 - Rigdoo HT-10
Open Box - Rigdoo HT-10
Camera picture: Accessories - Rigdoo HT-10
Camera picture: Front View - Rigdoo HT-10
Front View
Camera picture: Side View - Rigdoo HT-10
Side View
Camera picture: Latch View - Rigdoo HT-10
Latch View
Camera picture: Cable Lock Loops Too Small - Rigdoo HT-10
Cable Lock Loops Too Small
Camera picture: Side View - Rigdoo HT-10
Side View
Camera picture: Back View - Rigdoo HT-10
Back View
Camera picture: Camera Buttons - Rigdoo HT-10
Camera Buttons
Camera picture: Memory Card - Rigdoo HT-10
Memory Card
Camera picture: Battery Trey Cover - Rigdoo HT-10
Battery Trey Cover
Camera picture: Battery Slot - Rigdoo HT-10
Battery Slot
Camera picture: Display - Rigdoo HT-10
Camera picture: Settings - Rigdoo HT-10
Camera picture: Adjustable Mount - Rigdoo HT-10
Adjustable Mount
Camera picture: Removable Mount - Rigdoo HT-10
Removable Mount
Camera picture: Visible Low-Glow (Red IR) LEDs - Rigdoo HT-10
Visible Low-Glow (Red IR) LEDs
Camera picture: Memory Card - Rigdoo HT-10
Memory Card
Camera picture: Mounted Cam - Rigdoo HT-10
Mounted Cam
Camera picture: Mounted - Up Close - Rigdoo HT-10
Mounted - Up Close
Camera picture: Angeled Down - Rigdoo HT-10
Angeled Down
Camera picture: Grey on Grey - Rigdoo HT-10
Grey on Grey
Camera picture: Letter from Rigdoo - Rigdoo HT-10
Letter from Rigdoo


  • Inexpensive
  • Memory Card & 4 AA Batteries Included 
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket


  • Poor Image Quality
  • Visible Flash 
  • Limited Detection Range
  • Poor Security Design

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 6/20

The detection range of the Rigdoo camera model is hugely disappointing, with activation occurring only when subjects are within a very close range of 10-15 feet. 

Speed: 3/10

The limited detection range adversely affects the camera's response speed, resulting in quick trigger times that are only achieved when subjects are very close to the camera. 

Slow Trigger

Accuracy: 7/10

The camera's narrow detection range turns out to be a bit of a silver lining for its accuracy since it mostly only captures movement when something is really close. Plus, the cooler winter weather seems to keep those annoying false alarms at bay.

Battery Life: 5/10

The included generic AA batteries don't cut it, giving up the ghost after just a couple of weeks. In a bit of an experiment, we pooled the four AAs from each camera into one to see if that made any difference and switched the other unit to regular Duracell batteries, which performed noticeably better. Despite this workaround, the battery life remains subpar, even when you swap in brand-name batteries. 

Daylight Images: 3/10

Even though it's fair not to expect top-notch images from trail cameras in this price bracket, it's common to see decent daytime performance from inexpensive cams. Unfortunately, the Rigdoo HT-10 falls short of even these modest expectations. Images and videos from one of the cameras are entirely out of focus, no matter how the settings are adjusted. And while the second unit doesn't suffer from this focus problem, its daytime videos still leave a lot to be desired—showing up grainy, with lackluster color saturation and a washed-out appearance.

Mountain Lion with Kittens
Resting Elk
Mule Deer
Mule Deer in Snow
Elk Spike
Mule Deer Doe
Elk Cows
Elk Checking the Cam
Western Coyote
Out of focus Elk
Elk Cows
Coyote in Snow

Lowlight Images: 4/10

Lowlight videos are a tad grainier than their daytime counterparts, which isn't too bad, especially when you compare them to the much poorer quality of the nighttime images.

Mule Deer

Night Images: 2/10

The manufacturer blatantly misrepresents the illumination type and overall capabilities of the HT-10, claiming invisible 940nm no-glow illumination while actually equipping the camera with visibly detectable 850nm LEDs. The distribution of light is subpar, resulting in the dreaded center flash burn that's typical of lower-end trail cameras. Nighttime images are disappointingly dark, grainy, and riddled with flicker.

Bobcat in snow
Elk at Night
Elk Cows
Spooked Coyote
Elk in Snow

Design: 6/20

This trail camera has a clear, bright display that's easy to read. But the manufacturer cut some corners when it comes down to build and design. The material has a bit of a cheap vibe and doesn't seem like it would take much to crack or break.

Flipping it over, there's a real issue with the cable lock loops—they're just too small. Good luck trying to thread a standard Python cable lock through there.

And despite what's advertised, it doesn't have the invisible 940nm LEDs for night illumination. It's rocking 850nm LEDs instead, which, frankly, aren't fooling anyone—not us and definitely not the wildlife.

The adjustable mount is another letdown; it's flimsy and doesn't quite hold steady under the camera's weight, leading to some wobble.

Plus, the flat grey finish isn't exactly helping it blend in with the woods. It sticks out rather than fading into the background, which is kind of the point with these cams.

Verdict: 36/100

For the price point of around forty dollars, the Rigdoo HT-10 trail camera falls short of even modest expectations. 

The claims made by the Amazon seller don't quite match the reality of the product. 

It seems plausible that the seller may have replicated specifications from a top-selling trail camera, banking on the assumption that most buyers wouldn't discern the difference between a 120-degree wide-angle lens and a 40-degree one, or between claimed invisible 940nm LEDs and the visible low-glow red IR LEDs that are actually present. 

The construction feels low-cost, and the image and video outputs range from subpar to completely out of focus.

One might question the disparity between the high ratings on Amazon and our less-than-favorable review. 

The letter we received from the seller (posted in the intro section) might be a piece of the puzzle, hinting at incentives for positive reviews. 

This raises questions about the authenticity of those glowing testimonials. Are they genuine user experiences, or are they influenced by incentives?

Moreover, brands like these often pop up and vanish overnight, and it wouldn't be surprising if this one does the same once their current inventory is depleted. 

Should that happen, any hope for customer support or warranty fulfillment is likely to disappear with them. Proceed with caution.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Rigdoo HT-10
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
80 ft
Flash Range:
65 ft
Field of View:
40 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.20 second
Min Delay:
2 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
256 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

Questions & Answers

Why want my SD card from my Rigdoo trail camera, not work in my hand held card reader? Does it only use a certain card reader?

Why want my SD card from my Rigdoo trail camera, not work in my hand held card reader? Does it only use a certain card reader?
It's possible that the card wasn't formatted correctly. However, I'd definitely recommend trying a different card reader. Also, consider testing your current card reader with another phone or computer. Generally, it's a good idea to replace any included memory cards with those from higher-quality brands like SanDisk or Samsung for better reliability.

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