iZEEKER iG600 78/100

MSRP: $119.99 Manufacturer: iZEEKER




The dual-lens iZEEKER iG600 trail camera captures clear full-color images and videos in daylight conditions and adjusts to different lighting conditions using infrared sensors for superb starlight night vision. The iG600 game camera has two SONY high-pixel image lenses (one for daylight and one for starlight). The camera is equipped with two high-powered 850nm low glow LEDs, allowing it to take 48-megapixel pictures and 4K ultra HD videos with less image noise and clearer details. It records H.264 4K 30fps videos with clear sound and has three sensitive PIR sensors with a fast trigger time of 0.1 seconds and a trigger distance of up to 65 feet. The camera also has a WiFi function that allows the user to connect to the camera and make adjustments, view a live stream, and download images directly to their phone. In addition, the iG600 has a time-lapse option, 1-10 photo burst settings, and auto-extended video length recording. The camera supports memory storage of up to 256GB.

Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 Trail Camera - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 Trail Camera
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Side View - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Side View
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Latch View - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Latch View
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Back View - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Back View
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Front View - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Front View
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Open - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Open
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Memory Slot - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Memory Slot
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Accessories - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Accessories
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Box - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Box
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Open Box - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Open Box
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Trigger Settings - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Trigger Settings
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Shutter Settings - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Shutter Settings
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Display - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Display
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Locking Options - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Locking Options
Camera picture: iZEEKER iG600 - Secured with a Cable Lock - iZEEKER iG600
iZEEKER iG600 - Secured with a Cable Lock


  • Lowlight Color Images
  • Dual Lens
  • 4K Videos
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Continues Recording


  • Visible Illumination
  • Short Strap with Plastic Buckle
  • 10 Seconds Delay Between Triggers

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 16/20

The manufacturer states that the detection range is 20 meters (65 feet); however, we have observed triggers occurring beyond that distance.

Speed: 8/10

The trigger speed is excellent, and even the video trigger is almost instantaneous. The camera can capture up to 10 pictures per trigger, but the delay between triggers is limited to 10 seconds.

Detection Speed picture: Mountain Lion - First Shot - iZEEKER iG600
Mountain Lion - First Shot
Detection Speed picture: Mountain Lion - Second Shot - iZEEKER iG600
Mountain Lion - Second Shot

Accuracy: 8/10

We observed a high number of false triggers when we deployed one of our units in a high mountain location that was open and very windy. However, our other two units, deployed in areas with low or no wind, experienced almost no false triggers.

Battery Life: 7/10

We are using regular AA Duracell or Kirkland brand alkaline batteries in our iZEEKER iG600 trail cameras and are getting great results. All three cameras are running in video mode, and based on our observations, we expect them to last an average of 4-6 months.

Daylight Images: 9/10

The daytime pictures and videos are excellent. The images are sharp, with no visible ISO noise. Additionally, despite the camera's 120-degree ultra-wide field of view, the typical image distortion is minimal.

Mule Deer Doe & Fawns
Western Coyote
Running Herd of Elk

Lowlight Images: 8/10

One of the highlights of this camera model is its ability to produce color imagery under lowlight conditions. While it does not guarantee that lowlight images will always be in full color and may have a slight blue tone, this feature is still very exciting and not commonly available in most trail cameras.

Night Images: 8/10

Like our expectations for lowlight images, we also hoped for nighttime color imagery. Unfortunately, while we could produce full-color videos during testing at home, we have not had much success getting color images in the field. The low-glow infrared LED illumination does create enough lighting, and nighttime pictures and videos are of high quality. However, the low-glow flash is visible to human eyes and may startle some animals.

Non-Typical Mule Deer Buck
Night picture: Young Mountain Lion - iZEEKER iG600
Young Mountain Lion
Nightime Elk Cows
Elk Cow at Night
Skunk at Night
Night picture: A coyote looking at the camera - iZEEKER iG600
A coyote looking at the camera
Night picture: Western Coyote - iZEEKER iG600
Western Coyote
Night picture: Skunk at night - iZEEKER iG600
Skunk at night

Design: 14/20

The iZEEKER iG600 is a trail camera that boasts a simple design and user-friendly settings. However, despite its simplicity, the camera offers advanced features and settings not typically found in other trail cameras.

For instance, the camera allows users to adjust the IR LED settings to Auto, Medium, Low, or Off, but it offers a unique LED Frequency option of 50 and 60 Herz, which in theory, should provide brighter light. Another unconventional option is the Night Shoot Mode, which has a "More Color" option that produces color pictures and videos during deep twilight or at or over 1 Lux. 

Separate daytime and night resolution settings are available as well. The Low Battery Mode is also a helpful feature that allows the camera to take photos without a flash or not take pictures at all when the battery is low. 

Apart from these unique settings, most other options are straightforward. The iG600 game camera can accommodate up to eight AA batteries, but only four are required to operate it. 

Additionally, users can secure the camera with a Python cable lock and protect the camera latch from opening with a small padlock.

Verdict: 78/100

Overall, the iZEEKER iG600 trail camera offers a range of advanced features and settings that make it stand out from other trail cameras in the market. 

The ultra-wide 120 degrees lens takes surprisingly good 48MP pictures and 4K HD videos. In addition, the camera can accommodate 256GB of SD memory, and it also has WiFi and a Bluetooth option.

The Auto-extend option is probably our favorite iZEEKER iG600 trail camera feature. Once enabled, the camera will continue recording as long as the animal is present in front of it. 

While this is not entirely uncommon, and similar functionality is available with some Browning models, what sets it apart from Browning cameras, is that they only allow recording for 20 seconds at night and two minutes during the day. The iZEEKER iG600, however, can record up to three-minute-long videos, even at night and in lowlight conditions. 

We hope that iZEEKER will consider adding a no-glow option and perhaps a cellular version to their lineup. Despite this, the iG600 trail camera offers excellent value and is a no-brainer purchase at this price range. We will definitely be adding more units to our growing collection.


The Camparkcam TC06 is the best alternative to the iZEEKER iG600 trail camera, as they are almost identical cameras in terms of their design and features. They look the same inside and out, with an identical screen and setup menu. The only noticeable difference is that the Camparkcam TC06 has 60MP pictures and a 5-second minimum delay between triggers, while the iG600 has a 10-second delay and 48MP photos. Additionally, the iZEEKER iG600 can accommodate 256GB memory cards, whereas the TC06 only supports up to 128GB. The only feature missing from the TC06 is the "Auto-Extend" video recording functionality found in the iZEEKER iG600. However, if this feature is not essential to you, choose the cheaper option at the time of your purchase.

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User Reviews

Jan. 4, 2023, 7:48 p.m.
Anonymous 1/10

Brand new won’t take picture

Nov. 23, 2023, 7:05 p.m.
Anonymous 10/10

Bought two after reading this review, I've been very happy with the performance. My only complaint is that the auto-extend video feature sometimes cuts off early in situations where the animal stops moving for a bit.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
80 ft
Flash Range:
80 ft
Field of View:
120 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.10 second
Min Delay:
10 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
256 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

Questions & Answers

Even though this camera is WIFi enabled, can you use it like a non-WiFi camera?
Yes, this camera can be used as a non-WiFi camera. WiFi is optional and can be switched on/off through the settings.

We would like to use a solar cell rechargeable battery to power our camera, but we are having difficulty finding a 6V battery with the specified sized adapter. Can you please steer me to some options that are available, as well as a source.

We would like to use a solar cell rechargeable battery to power our camera, but we are having difficulty finding a 6V battery with the specified sized adapter. Can you please steer me to some options that are available, as well as a source.

How can I buy one

How do I buy one. They are not in stock at Amazon and don’t see them for sale anywhere else

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