Tactacam Reveal X-Pro 66/100

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The Tactacam REVEAL X-Pro cellular camera is a versatile tool for remote scouting and wildlife observation, especially well-suited for use in areas with limited access, allowing users to observe outdoor activities remotely.

Key features of the REVEAL X-Pro include a maximum resolution of up to 16MP for capturing still images and 1080p HD video recording. 

In hybrid mode, the camera transmits photos to the app, while video content is stored on the SD card for manual retrieval.

The X-Pro's detection range spans over 96 feet, with its adjustable night illumination extending beyond 80 feet. 

Furthermore, the camera is equipped with no-glow IR technology, ensuring inconspicuous nighttime operation.

Integrated GPS tracking enhances location tracking, and users can request HD photos and videos from the camera via the accompanying mobile app.

The camera features an integrated LCD screen for photo viewing and programming, making it user-friendly. 

It operates on AT&T and Verizon networks, offering flexibility in choosing the carrier with the best service in a given area.

Powering the camera requires 12 AA batteries or a Tactacam Lithium battery cartridge. (not included) 

The memory card slot accepts standard-sized SD memory cards but has a capacity limitation of 32GB.

Users can opt for month-to-month data plans with no contracts or activation fees. Monthly plans start at only $5.00.

The camera's IP66 waterproof certification ensures durability in challenging weather conditions.

The camera comes with a 12-month limited warranty and includes a six-foot-long mounting strap.

Camera picture: Tactacam Reveal X-Pro - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Camera picture: Door Latch - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Door Latch
Camera picture: Python Cable Locking - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Python Cable Locking
Camera picture: Back View - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Back View
Camera picture: Side View - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Side View
Camera picture: Display & Buttons - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Display & Buttons
Camera picture: SD Card Slot - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
SD Card Slot
Camera picture: Battery Tray Slot - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Battery Tray Slot
Camera picture: Battery Tray for 12 AA Batteries - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Battery Tray for 12 AA Batteries
Camera picture: SIM Card Slot - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
SIM Card Slot
Camera picture: New in Box - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
New in Box
Camera picture: Box - Back Side - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Box - Back Side
Camera picture: Box - Side View - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Box - Side View
Camera picture: Box Contents - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Box Contents


  • No-Glow Illumination
  • Easy Setup
  • Affordable Subscriptions
  • Good Battery Life


  • Slow Video Trigger
  • Limited Detection Range
  • 15-Seconds Max Video
  • No Mobile Video Downloads
  • 32GB Memory Limit
  • Only 12-Months warranty

Camera Setup

The well-illuminated screen and generously sized buttons simplify the initial setup of the Tactacam Reveal Pro-X trail camera. However, it's worth noting that registering a new camera through the mobile app necessitates a separate process, and subscription payments must be completed on their website. While some basic settings are accessible directly through the camera, additional configuration options are exclusively accessible through the mobile app. Users have the flexibility to choose from the included AT&T and Verizon SIM cards for connectivity. It's worth noting that the X-Pro supports standard-sized SD memory cards, albeit with a maximum capacity limit of 32GB.
Camera setup picture: Powered On - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Powered On
Camera setup picture: Searching for Signal - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Searching for Signal
Camera setup picture: Video Size Options - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Video Size Options
Camera setup picture: Video Length Options - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Video Length Options
Camera setup picture: Night Mode Options - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Night Mode Options
Camera setup picture: Cellular Send Options - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Cellular Send Options
Camera setup picture: Battery Type Options - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Battery Type Options
Camera setup picture: Data Plans - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Data Plans
Camera setup picture: User Manual - Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
User Manual

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 8/20

We have tested our Reveal Pro-X trail camera at two distinct locations, and unfortunately, we've consistently experienced underwhelming results in terms of its detection range. Despite the manufacturer's rating of an 80-foot detection range for the camera, we have been unable to capture any activity beyond the 30-40-foot range. The camera provides motion sensitivity settings ranging from 0 to 9. Currently, our camera is configured at level 8. We previously experimented with level 9, but this resulted in a notable uptick in false triggers without a significant enhancement in the detection range.

Detection Range

Speed: 3/10

The trigger speed of the Reveal Pro-X has proven to be a significant drawback. Often, animals are on the verge of exiting or have already entirely left the camera's field of view before recording begins. While such issues are commonly associated with smaller game animals like foxes or coyotes, we have observed similar challenges even with larger animals such as elk.

Red Fox
Elk #1
Elk #2

Accuracy: 9/10

As previously noted, false triggers only occurred when the camera was set to its maximum sensitivity level of 9. In other cases, the Reveal Pro-X game camera exhibits relatively accurate triggering, with a minimal occurrence of false triggers.

Battery Life: 8/10

12 AA batteries power the Reveal X-Pro, and based on our extensive multi-month testing, it exhibits excellent battery life. This is particularly impressive given that it's a game camera equipped with a mobile connection and, during our testing, would send two test pictures daily. While some users may be disappointed by the absence of video transfers, it's worth noting that refraining from sending large video files through cyberspace does contribute significantly to preserving battery life. Furthermore, the X-Pro is compatible with lithium and rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries. Additionally, users have the option to power the X-Pro using a solar power unit or a specialized rechargeable lithium power pack provided by the manufacturer.

Daylight Images: 8/10

The daytime images captured by the X-Pro exhibit good quality with rich and saturated colors. There is a minor presence of visible grain, likely attributed to a higher compression level. Video files are recorded in the MP4 format at 30 frames per second (FPS).

Badger & Coyotes Hunting Team
Red Fox
Daytime Elk
Hawk sitting on a stump

Lowlight Images: 8/10

Much like its performance in daytime and nighttime conditions, the X-Pro delivers high-quality low-light images during the transitional periods of dawn and dusk.

Lowlight Elk
Lowlight Elk #2

Night Images: 8/10

No-glow illumination is generally invisible to the majority of animals and the human eye, although it is less potent than the more prevalent low-glow infrared flash. In light of this, the nighttime videos produced by the Reveal X-Pro are adequately illuminated, with minimal ISO grain. The camera's performance in nighttime illumination and image quality is undeniably one of its strong points.

Night Elk
Night Elk #2
Night Elk #3
Night Ellk #4

Design: 14/20

The Reveal X-Pro stands out as a well-designed game camera that excels in both ease of setup and usability. Both the phone app and web app are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, ranking among the best we've encountered. The cellular antenna is somewhat sizable but delivers excellent mobile connectivity, particularly in our high mountain setting, where we often encounter connectivity issues. We've also chosen to utilize one of the manufacturer's offered security boxes as an added security measure. This has proven effective in deterring both bears and two-legged predators from tampering with or attempting to steal our camera when secured with a box and a Python cable lock. 

Verdict: 66/100

The Tactacam Reveal X-Pro trail camera boasts a number of noteworthy attributes for outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts, but it's not without its quirks.

Its standout features include no-glow illumination, ensuring discreet nighttime operation, excellent image quality, and an easy setup process that simplifies initial configuration.

Additionally, X-Pro's impressive battery longevity makes it a reliable choice for extended use in the field.

Tactacam offers budget-friendly subscription options starting at only five bucks per month.

However, certain limitations are worth considering.

The camera exhibits a relatively sluggish video trigger, which may result in missed moments. Its detection range falls short of expectations, and video recording is capped at 15 seconds per clip.

Notably, the absence of mobile video downloads is a drawback for users seeking real-time access to recorded footage.

The camera's memory capacity is limited to 32GB, potentially posing constraints for extended recording.

Lastly, the warranty period is limited to 12 months, warranting careful consideration for long-term durability.

In summary, the Tactacam Reveal X-Pro offers a range of wildlife monitoring and surveillance advantages, including no-glow illumination, ease of use, affordability, and extended battery life.

However, users should be aware of its limitations, including video trigger speed, detection range, recording duration, memory capacity, and the limited 12-month warranty coverage.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Tactacam Reveal X-Pro
Model Year:
Flash Type:
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
96 ft
Flash Range:
80 ft
Field of View:
45 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.50 second
Min Delay:
1 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
32 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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