Moultrie W900i 44/100

MSRP: $99.00 Manufacturer: Moultrie




The Moultrie W900i trail camera is a refurbished version of the A900i camera. The camera features an invisible flash, and the motion sensor can detect up to 60 feet. However, the 900i records only at 720p HD video (1280x720) and can only take three pictures per trigger. In addition, the warranty of this model is only three months.
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Side - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - Side
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Back - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - Back
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Display View - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - Display View
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Open - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - Open
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - with included strap - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - with included strap
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - with batteries - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - with batteries
Camera picture: Moultrie W900i - Mounted - Moultrie W900i
Moultrie W900i - Mounted


  • Inexpensive
  • Blends Well


  • Poor Image Quality
  • Only 720p Videos
  • Slow Shutter
  • Limited Warranty

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 12/20

The listed 60 feet detection range is accurate, and as with most Moultrie cameras, the detection range will often exceed that.

Speed: 4/10

The detection speed is above average at 0.4 seconds, but the camera shutter is slow and causing blurry pictures.

Accuracy: 6/10

The 900i is fairly accurate and only prone to false triggers under severe weather.

Battery Life: 5/10

The camera will take thousands of pictures in picture mode, but we have noticed a high battery drain when in video mode.

Daylight Images: 5/10

The colors of the daytime images are dull and missing the highly saturated vibe typical of the Moultrie brand. We have also noticed an extremely high number of blurry pictures, even on sunny days.
Daytime Mule Deer from Moultrie W900i
Day picture: Mule deer from Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Mule deer from Moultrie W900i
Day picture: Bull elk from Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Bull elk from Moultrie W900i
Day picture: Two Mules from Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Two Mules from Moultrie W900i
Day picture: Herd of elk - Moultrie W900i
Herd of elk
Day picture: Three Mule Deer Does - Moultrie W900i
Three Mule Deer Does
Day picture: Young bick wearing a collar - Moultrie W900i
Young bick wearing a collar

Lowlight Images: 3/10

Like the daytime images, most lowlight pictures are out of focus and even more grainy.
Mule Deer Pair from Moultrie W900i
Lowlight picture: Elk from Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Elk from Moultrie W900i

Night Images: 4/10

The illumination power of this model is underwhelming. The nighttime images and videos are underexposed and somewhat dark.
Night picture: Two Mule Deer Bucks - Moultrie W900i
Two Mule Deer Bucks
Night picture: Two Mule Deer Bucks #2 - Moultrie W900i
Two Mule Deer Bucks #2
Night picture: Big Mule Deer Buck - Moultrie W900i
Big Mule Deer Buck
Night picture: Bull elk at night - Moultrie W900i
Bull elk at night
Coyote from Moultrie W900i
Mule Deer from Moultrie W900i
Night picture: Mule doe from Moultrie W900i - Moultrie W900i
Mule doe from Moultrie W900i
Night picture: A coyete at night - Moultrie W900i
A coyete at night
Night picture: Moving elk at night - Moultrie W900i
Moving elk at night

Design: 5/20

We are big fans of Moultrie cameras and have successfully used them for years, but the 900i model is just another step in the wrong direction. The quality of the images and videos is lacking. The screen is extremely small, and the settings are limited and confusing. While the camera can be secured with a python cable, the camera doors are not lockable, and anybody can open the camera and remove the memory card. The similarly designed 8000i model had the door locking option, and we are not sure why Moultrie removed this excellent feature.

Verdict: 44/100

We purchased two of these cameras, but unfortunately, we did not have much luck, and one of the cameras never worked correctly.

The camera would always only work for a couple of days and then stop working for no apparent reason. We tried replacing batteries, different memory cards, different settings, and even upgrading the firmware.

Because we have our cameras in remote areas with limited access, it took us a few weeks to finally give up and remove the camera from the field.

With our luck, it was just a few days past the super short three months warranty period, and sadly, Moultrie support refused to replace the unit.

While we would not recommend getting the 900i trail camera regardless, we have no choice but to recommend not buying any refurbished cameras from Moultrie.

Clearly, the refurbished cameras are not tested properly, and faulty units are released back to the public. At this time, it is not worth the risk of getting a refurbished camera from Moultrie, and we truly hope that Moultrie will reconsider the warranty policy for their refurbished cameras.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Moultrie W900i
Model Year:
Flash Type:
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
60 ft
Flash Range:
60 ft
Field of View:
None degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.40 second
Min Delay:
1 seconds
Max Delay:
5 minutes
Max Card Size:
32 GB
Live View:
3 months
Country of Origin:

Questions & Answers

For me : totally satisfied with pictures : perfect images : etc. My problem : use three different time outside one month each . battery contacts corroded making it useless. Probably not worth repairing.
Unfortunately, you may be correct that repairing this issue may not be worth it. We recommend contacting Moultrie support as they were very accommodating when we had a similar issue.

why will my camera only take one day of pictures?
We did have the same issue! It's not fixable. Return the camera to the retailer or contact the manufacturer for a warranty replacement.

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