Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera 72/100

MSRP: $129.99 Manufacturer: Meidase




The Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera incorporates a Sony sensor designed to capture high-resolution images at 48MP and videos in 1080p or 1296p. 

The P200 offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, bolstered by an external antenna to ensure stable signal reception and improved range. 

Equipped with three motion sensors, the P200 Pro camera covers a 120-degree detection angle, though the lens itself only has a 70-degree field of view. 

Thanks to its discreet no-glow technology, 36 no-glow 940nm LEDs provide illumination up to 100 feet without disturbing wildlife. 

The camera is characterized by a quick response with a 0.1-second trigger speed, enabling the capture of fast movements. 

The trail cam provides motion detection mode, time-lapse mode, and programmable capture settings, including photo, video, or both. The camera has a 2.4" color screen for easy setup and adjustments. 

The Meidase P200 Pro is designed for outdoor use, has an IP66 waterproof rating, and can function in temperatures from -4 to 140°F. 

The device requires 8 AA batteries and supports SD memory cards up to 512GB (not included). Accessories provided include a mounting strap, a mini-USB cord, and an instruction manual.

Camera picture: Box it arrives in - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Box it arrives in
Camera picture: Side of Box - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Side of Box
Camera picture: Camera bar code - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera bar code
Camera picture: Camera when first opened - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera when first opened
Camera picture: Camera in packaging - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera in packaging
Camera picture: Everything that comes with the camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Everything that comes with the camera
Camera picture: Front of camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Front of camera
Camera picture: Front of Camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Front of Camera
Camera picture: View of camera from the side - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
View of camera from the side
Camera picture: View of the back of the camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
View of the back of the camera
Camera picture: Back of camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Back of camera
Camera picture: Top of camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Top of camera
Camera picture: Camera opened up - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera opened up
Camera picture: Close up of buttons - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Close up of buttons
Camera picture: Where batteries need to be placed - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Where batteries need to be placed
Camera picture: Camera when turned on - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera when turned on
Camera picture: Photo settings on display - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Photo settings on display
Camera picture: Camera placed on tree - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera placed on tree
Camera picture: Camera strapped onto a tree - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Camera strapped onto a tree


  • High-resolution Images and Videos
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity 
  • No-Glow Illumination 
  • Fast 0.1-second Trigger Speed
  • Durable Design


  • Mismatched PIR Sensor Angle and Field of View Angle
  • Inconsistent Trigger Speed & Range
  • Nightime Flash Overexposure at Close Range
  • Large External Antenna
  • Short Warranty

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 14/20

The camera's maximum detection range is advertised at 90 feet when set to the highest sensitivity, but this does tend to produce false activations and a touch of inconsistency. Despite this, overall detection remains strong. 

Speed: 8/10

While this camera promises near-instant recording when it detects movement, you'll likely see the animal within the frame when the video begins. The standout feature is the lightning-fast trigger recovery between recordings, which allows continuous capture when the subject remains within the camera's range.

Accuracy: 8/10

With the P200 trio of motion sensors promising a 120-degree detection angle in contrast to a 70-degree field of view, one might anticipate a high rate of false triggers, theorizing the camera could activate without the subject being visible. Interestingly, this hasn't been a frequent issue, suggesting the side sensors are calibrated with less sensitivity than the central sensor, resulting in a more accurate detection performance than initially expected.

Battery Life: 9/10

Our real-world test in the harsh Rocky Mountain winter proved impressive. One unit from our test batch recorded over 700 videos, each 20 seconds long, using a single set of eight AA alkaline batteries. This is especially notable considering its power-hungry no-glow illumination. The P200's swift recovery time between triggers contributes to its efficient battery usage, allowing for shorter video durations without compromising capture frequency. This efficiency makes the P200 an ideal candidate for extended deployments in remote areas where frequent battery swaps aren't feasible. For such long-term applications, we recommend lithium batteries for enhanced longevity. It is also beneficial to deactivate the side sensors to conserve power further.

Daylight Images: 8/10

The daytime images from the Meidase P200 trail camera exhibit great clarity and detail. The natural lighting is well captured, providing a vibrant tableau that brings the wilderness to life. Color rendition is authentic, with the sensor capturing the nuanced hues of the landscape and wildlife without oversaturation. The camera's ability to handle daylight conditions is evident, offering a broad dynamic range that maintains detail in both highlights and shadows. Grass and foliage show fine textures, and the wildlife is crisply defined against the natural backdrop, demonstrating the camera's adept performance in capturing wildlife in their natural setting.

Elk cow jumping for joy
Elk Cows enjoying the snow
Elk Herd
Elk Cows snacking on grass
Coyotes sniffing around
8 Mule Deer Taking a walk
Coyote walking in the snow

Lowlight Images: 7/10

The low-light images from the P200 trail camera are pretty solid. The camera's sensor adapts well to the decrease in light, maintaining detail without significant noise intrusion, which is a common issue in dim conditions. You'll notice a fair balance in the grayscale spectrum, preserving textures and contours without muddying the darker areas. Highlights are managed carefully, avoiding blowouts while keeping the integrity of the lighter spots. While there is a bit of inevitable grain, it doesn't overpower the image. In instances where the infrared flash kicks in, there's a bit of overexposure if the subject is too close, but from a moderate distance, the scene holds up with good clarity. For the twilight enthusiasts or those monitoring nocturnal habits, the P200 images have enough finesse to please the technical observer.

Night Images: 6/10

In the absence of sunlight, the trail camera's proficiency is tested, and these nighttime shots reveal both its strengths and limitations. The no-glow flash provides adequate illumination without startling the animals or drawing attention, though its intensity does not adjust for proximity. This can result in overexposure, commonly known as "flash burn," when animals venture too close, as seen in the radiant glow on the mule deer and the elk's white coat. At a moderate distance, the details are preserved well, displaying the fine textures of the animals' fur and the surrounding environment in a monochrome palette characteristic of night vision technology. However, when subjects are near the lens, the fixed flash intensity can overwhelm the details, compromising the image's quality. Despite this, the P200 Pro can still capture discernible wildlife behavior during the nocturnal hours.

Mountain lion passing through
Four Coyotes at night
Bull elk approaches the camera
Bull Elk Poses for the Camera
Bull Elk poses for camera part two
Bull Elk checks out camera
2 Coyotes looking around
Two Mule Deer at night
Mule Deer Walking Through Snow
Mule Deer Buck at Night
Mule deer buck at night

Design: 12/20

The design of the P200 trail camera is thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between stealth and function. Its no-glow illumination is a key feature, ensuring that animals aren't disturbed during observation, which speaks to the camera's thoughtful application in wildlife photography. The ability to secure it with a python cable lock, alongside a latch that can accommodate a small padlock, adds a layer of security in the wild. The camera runs on 8 AA batteries, a common choice that users appreciate for its balance of performance and availability. A bright and sizeable screen adds to the ease of setup, making field adjustments a breeze. While the antenna might seem a tad diminutive, it effectively enhances WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. As for the finish, it's robust and integrates well into natural settings, helping the camera to blend with its surroundings. This attention to design details and finish quality positions the P200 as a reliable choice for both amateur and professional field use.

Update: Unfortunately, just a few days after setting it up, one of our P200 cameras experienced moisture infiltration, leading to it constantly triggering. This incident caused the camera to capture over 700 videos, each lasting 20 seconds, which depleted the batteries and resulted in the loss of a few weeks' worth of footage. Instances like these underscore our recommendation to double down on deploying multiple trail cameras in key locations to ensure coverage and redundancy. 

Camera Design: Moisture inside camera - Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Moisture inside camera

Verdict: 72/100

The Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera offers enthusiasts and researchers a powerful wildlife observation tool. 

Its high-resolution Sony sensor delivers crisp 48MP images and clear 1080p videos during daylight hours, while the no-glow night vision captures detailed animal activity without causing disruptions.  

The fast 0.1-second trigger speed ensures rapid responsiveness, although you might notice a slight recording delay at very close range.

Connectivity is a major plus: the WiFi and Bluetooth capability, aided by the external antenna, provide a stable connection for remote adjustments. 

The P200's durable design is built to withstand harsh elements, making it ideal for long-term deployment. 

It's exceptionally power efficient, maximizing battery life and minimizing field visits. 

While the nighttime flash can overexpose animals at close range, and the detection angle could be better aligned with the field of view,  these don't detract from the overall quality of capture.

Despite a minor incident where one of our test cameras experienced water intrusion, the Meidase P200 still earns a strong recommendation.   

Its excellent performance, user-friendly features, and exceptional value make it a compelling option for both seasoned wildlife photographers and those new to trail camera exploration. 

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Meidase P200 WiFi Trail Camera
Model Year:
Flash Type:
No-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
90 ft
Flash Range:
100 ft
Field of View:
70 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.10 second
Min Delay:
0 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
512 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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