Ceyomur C95 75/100

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The Cayomur C95 Trail Camera is designed with a dual power supply system, incorporating a 4400mAh rechargeable battery and a solar panel for energy efficiency. 

The camera can also utilize an additional four-battery pack as a secondary power source.

This device captures images at a resolution of 46MP and records videos in 4K at 30 frames per second. 

The C95 trail camera features two 850nm low glow LEDs that improve its low-light performance by providing consistent illumination and reducing noise in night vision photos.

The camera offers WiFi connectivity within a 33ft (10m) range, facilitated by low-power technology and compatible with Bluetooth. 

Users can preview, download footage, adjust settings, and check the lens angle remotely through the "WILDLIFE CAM" app.

The camera, equipped with an 89-degree field-of-view lens and three PIR sensors, covers a 120-degree detection range. Its design ensures a 0.1-second trigger speed that quickly responds to movements within 80f.

Additional specifications include support for micro memory cards up to 256GB, a 2.0-inch LCD color screen for direct viewing of captured footage, and features such as time stamping, monitor period setting, password protection, and a lockhole for added security.

The camera's design focuses on durability and resilience in various weather conditions, evidenced by its IP66 waterproof rating and robust construction suitable for outdoor environments.

Camera picture: Ceyomur C95 - Ceyomur C95
Ceyomur C95
Camera picture: Front View - Ceyomur C95
Front View
Camera picture: Top View - Ceyomur C95
Top View
Camera picture: Side View - Ceyomur C95
Side View
Camera picture: Back View - Ceyomur C95
Back View
Camera picture: Profile View - Ceyomur C95
Profile View
Camera picture: Open View - Ceyomur C95
Open View
Camera picture: Screen View - Ceyomur C95
Screen View
Camera picture: Battery Tray - Ceyomur C95
Battery Tray
Camera picture: Memory Card Slot (32GB Card Included) - Ceyomur C95
Memory Card Slot (32GB Card Included)
Camera picture: Accessories - Ceyomur C95
Camera picture: New in Box - Ceyomur C95
New in Box
Camera picture: Box - Side View - Ceyomur C95
Box - Side View
Camera picture: Box - Back View - Ceyomur C95
Box - Back View
Camera picture: Open Box - Ceyomur C95
Open Box
Camera picture: Wrapped Camera - Ceyomur C95
Wrapped Camera


  • Integrated Lithium Battery with Solar
  • 32GB Memory Card Included
  • 120 Degrees Detection Angle
  • Wifi & Bluetooth 


  • Hard to Conceal
  • Grainy Lowlight Images
  • Short & Weak Strap

Camera Setup

The C95 camera comes with a pre-installed 32GB memory card, offering a user-friendly setup experience through intuitive menu options.

The trail camera is equipped with an integrated 4400mAh lithium rechargeable battery, which requires a full charge prior to initial use, a process that may span several hours.

Included with the camera is a USB cable for charging purposes. While the camera is operable on its built-in battery alone, it also features a compartment for four AA batteries, serving as a secondary power source.

The camera's built-in solar panel is designed to replenish the internal lithium battery but does not support recharging Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.

For optimal performance, the manufacturer recommends the use of Energizer alkaline batteries.

Camera setup picture: None - Ceyomur C95
Camera setup picture: None - Ceyomur C95
Camera setup picture: None - Ceyomur C95
Camera setup picture: None - Ceyomur C95

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 14/20

While the manufacturer has not specified an official detection range, our tests reveal that the camera effectively captures wildlife at distances up to 60-70 feet.

Detection Range picture: Early Morning Wolf - Ceyomur C95
Early Morning Wolf
Bull Elk
Coyote far out
Mule Deer Far Out Detection

Speed: 7/10

The camera's trigger speed is adequate, particularly in relation to its 89% field of view and the stated 120-degree detection angle. Ideally, this configuration should enable the camera to activate before an animal enters its viewing range. Although this is not consistently observed, it contributes to reducing false triggers.

Accuracy: 9/10

One of our cameras was deployed on a high-mountain ridge, an area known for strong winds and movement from grass, conditions that often lead to false triggers in many cameras. We are pleased to report that the C95 performed exceptionally well in these challenging conditions, even in the highest sensitivity setting.

Battery Life: 9/10

The integrated solar panel on the top is a key component, enhancing battery longevity and demonstrating a dedication to sustainable energy. It enables extended field use by recharging the built-in 4400mAh battery, thereby decreasing the need for frequent battery changes and lessening the ecological footprint. After months of deployment, our checks revealed the batteries remained fully charged, indicating efficient solar recharging during the summer season. 

Daylight Images: 8/10

The Ceyomour C95 provides respectable daytime performance, characterized by a low ISO setting that minimizes grain, demonstrating a sensor capable of handling high contrast with a significant dynamic range. 

Color representation is natural and well-saturated, suggesting accurate white balance calibration and effective color processing. 

The sharpness is generally good, although some softening towards the edges may be attributed to the lens characteristics or aperture selection. 

Clarity is high, allowing for detailed texture capture, and there's no noticeable chromatic aberration or distortion, indicating proficient lens quality or in-camera correction mechanisms. 

Mule Deer Buck
Big Mule Deer Buck
Elk Sniffing Our Cam
Day picture: Young Elk Calf - Ceyomur C95
Young Elk Calf
Mountain Lion
Black Bear Checking Cam
Two Coyotes
Mule Deer
Day picture: Elk Cow - Ceyomur C95
Elk Cow
Day picture: Running Elk - Ceyomur C95
Running Elk
Day picture: Young Elk - Ceyomur C95
Young Elk
Day picture: None - Ceyomur C95

Lowlight Images: 6/10

In low light conditions, the camera's sensor necessitates a higher ISO, leading to pronounced noise and grain, adversely affecting the image's sharpness and detail retention. 

The color saturation is subdued due to the high ISO and noise reduction processes, resulting in less vibrant colors. 

The camera also struggles with exposure, as evidenced by the loss of detail in shadows. 

Additionally, clarity is somewhat compromised by a combination of high ISO noise and motion blur, potentially exacerbated by longer shutter speeds and challenges in autofocus accuracy in dim lighting. 

This indicates that while the camera is capable in daylight, its performance is notably diminished in lowlight scenarios.

Young Bucks Sparring
Young Buck
Black Bear
Lowlight picture: Lowlight Mule Deer - Ceyomur C95
Lowlight Mule Deer
Elk Herd
Low Light Mule Deer

Night Images: 7/10

The camera switches to a dedicated monochromatic night mode at night and relies on low-glow infrared illumination to capture images. 

It operates effectively in low light conditions, eliminating the need for a high ISO and thus maintaining a lower noise level. 

Despite the challenging conditions, the camera retains a decent level of sharpness and detail, indicating a well-adjusted focus system that can handle nocturnal photography. 

Buck Missing Antler
Two Black Bears
Two Mountain Lions
Two Coyotes
Two Bucks
Elk Checking Cam
Spooked Coyote
Night picture: Elk at Night - Ceyomur C95
Elk at Night
Night picture: Elk - Ceyomur C95
Night picture: Elk with Calf - Ceyomur C95
Elk with Calf
Spike Elk in Velvet

Design: 15/20

From a design perspective, the Cayomur C95 Trail Camera exhibits a pragmatic and environmentally conscious approach, merging technology with terrain adaptability. 

The C95 combines a durable, camouflaged finish with energy-efficient technology. Its compact form factor houses advanced imaging capabilities and is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. 

The camera integrates a top-mounted solar panel to complement its rechargeable battery, offering sustained operation without frequent maintenance. 

Designed for discreet wildlife observation, the unit is fortified with an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments. 

This trail camera's design is a blend of sustainability, resilience, and high-tech functionality for the avid wildlife photographer or nature enthusiast.

Verdict: 75/100

The Cayomur C95 Trail Camera emerges as a highly recommendable tool for wildlife enthusiasts and professional photographers alike, with its integrated approach to power and technology. 

The camera's 4400mAh lithium battery, complemented by its solar charging capabilities, offers extended deployment in the field without the need for frequent battery replacements, highlighting the manufacturer's commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

Equipped with a pre-installed 32GB memory card, the C95 allows for a seamless setup and immediate use. 

Its wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth enhances user experience by enabling remote operation and data management, a feature that greatly adds to its convenience and adaptability in the wild.

The device shows proficiency in capturing detailed wildlife images within a range of 50-60 feet, thanks to its broad 120-degree detection angle. 

Although concealment may be challenging, and the lowlight images show graininess, the camera's daytime performance is praiseworthy, with a low ISO that minimizes grain, and at night, the camera's low-glow IR illumination preserves detail without introducing excessive noise.

It captures well-saturated, natural colors and maintains clarity and detail, only exhibiting slight softening at the edges.

The C95's trigger speed, while not groundbreaking, is effective enough to reduce false triggers and capture swift wildlife moments. 

This, along with the camera's exceptional accuracy even in high-sensitivity settings, assures users of reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

In terms of durability, the camera is encased in a camouflaged, waterproof body, ensuring it can withstand diverse weather scenarios without compromise. 

While the camera's strap could be longer and thicker, and the design is not as discreet as some may prefer, these are minor caveats in an otherwise versatile and capable device. 

Overall, the Cayomur C95 stands out for its environmental friendliness, impressive battery life, and solid performance across various lighting conditions, making it a valuable asset for capturing the nuances of nature.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Ceyomur C95
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
80 ft
Flash Range:
80 ft
Field of View:
89 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.10 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
256 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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Five Mule Deer Buck in Velvet
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