Browning Command Ops Elite 22 42/100

MSRP: $99.99 Manufacturer: Browning Trail Cameras




The Command Ops Elite 22 trail camera is an entry-level offering from Browning for 20223. This game camera has a 22MP photo resolution and can record 900p videos with sound. The Illuma-Smart Technology automatically adjusts the infrared flash to improve hot spot issues common in night photos. The camera has a fast 0.3-second trigger speed and a 70-foot detection range, making it highly responsive and effective in capturing game activity. However, its field of view is somewhat narrow at only 42 degrees.

The camera has a good battery life and runs on only 6 AA batteries. However, its memory card storage is limited to only 32GB, and an SD card is not included. Other features include SD card management, multi-shot images, rapid-fire images, programmable picture delay, and a picture info bar that displays time, date, temperature, moon phase, and camera ID. Additionally, the cameras have a 12-volt external power jack for extended use.

The camera is compatible with a standard Python cable lock, but the door latch cannot be locked. A security box is required to secure access to the memory card and camera settings. A six-foot-long mounting strap is included in the package.

Camera picture: Browning Command Ops Elite 22 - Browning Command Ops Elite 22
Browning Command Ops Elite 22


  • Compact Size
  • Good Battery Life
  • Fast Trigger


  • Poor Quality Images
  • No 1080p Video
  • 32GB Memory Limit
  • Door Latch is Not Lockable

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 12/20

Although the detection range is advertised as 70 feet, we have yet to observe any triggers beyond approximately 50 feet.

Speed: 7/10

While the trigger speed is impressively fast at 0.3 seconds, it should be noted that the minimum delay between triggers is five seconds.

Accuracy: 3/10

During the first week of our testing, the camera captured over 600 videos of nothing but swaying grass, which filled the memory card in just a few days. We consider the 99% false trigger rate to be unacceptable. Unfortunately, as the camera does not offer any trigger sensitivity adjustments, we had no choice but to relocate it to a wooded area better sheltered from environmental factors.

False Triggers

Battery Life: 7/10

Since this is a new model for us, we require additional testing time to provide an accurate assessment of the camera's "real-life" battery usage. In addition, the Command Ops Elite 22 game camera uses only six AA batteries, compared to other Browning models requiring eight. As a result, this unit may require more frequent battery replacements.

Daylight Images: 2/10

Regrettably, the image quality of daytime pictures and videos from this camera is a significant letdown. Both photos and videos are exceedingly grainy, and the images suffer from poor dynamic range and lens flare, resulting in lackluster visuals with low contrast and saturation. Furthermore, the videos captured by the camera exhibit excessive flickering and wind noise in the audio captured by the microphone. (please see the Original Files section for video samples)

Backyard Test #1
Backyard Test #2
42° FoV is too narrow for larger animals

Lowlight Images: 2/10

Night Images: 3/10

Compared to other Browning models utilizing the same type of low-glow illumination, the Command Ops Elite 22 model is fitted with only four LEDs. Consequently, the camera's illumination is noticeably underpowered, resulting in significantly darker and grainier images.

Backyard Test #3

Design: 6/20

The Command Ops Elite 22 is one of the new releases for 2023, but we have yet to find any noticeable changes from the 2022 models. 

While the setup is easy, and Browning cameras have backlit buttons and a super-sharp screen, the settings for this model are missing compared to most Browning models. 

We have also noticed some discrepancies in the specifications.

While the manufacturer claims 900p video resolution at the standard 30 frames per second, our camera only records at 24 frames per second. 

The video resolution is 1600 x 904 pixels, and the videos are recorded using the old-school AVI file. 

Considering the video is only 900p, the file size of 20-second videos is almost 100MB because the AVI video format compresses data less efficiently than other video formats such as MP4, MPEG, and MOV.

Another discrepancy we have noticed is the claimed 32GB memory card limit. 

By mistake, during one of our tests, we inserted a 64GB memory card, and the camera used the card without any problems. 

Sadly, the full 64GB was filled with 634 videos of nothing but moving grass.

The trail camera comes with the same shiny and super noticeable green strap that has been a staple for many years. 

Unfortunately, the game camera still lacks door latch security, making it super easy for anyone to remove the memory card unless the camera is locked inside a security box.

Verdict: 42/100

In conclusion, the Browning Command Ops Elite 22 is a disappointment as it does not bring anything new or exciting to the table, but quite the opposite.

The camera's video resolution, file format, and memory card limit are not up to par with other cameras in this price range. 

Moreover, the camera lacks security features, which is a significant concern.

The Browning Command Ops Elite 22 is a model that comes with heavy downgrades compared to other Browning models. 

While it is offered at a slight discount compared to other brands, it is still relatively expensive at $99.99. 

For instance, other Browning cams use six of the same LEDs, while this model has only four. Rapid-fire photos are only four as opposed to eight on most models. 

The camera records 900p video as against 1080p or 4k HD videos, with a 42-degree Field of View compared to 55 or 60 degrees. 

It has a claimed detection rate of 70 feet versus 100 feet and no Smart IR for continuous recording. Flash strength adjustments are not available either.

Furthermore, the false trigger issues are still present and similar to some 2022 models. The video quality is absolutely horrendous, and nighttime illumination is insufficient. 

The trigger is flawed, and the settings are very limited. 

All of these concerns make one wonder why Browning would even consider releasing such a subpar product in 2023 and continuing to put their reputation at risk. 

Unfortunately, this is yet another huge disappointment, and we cannot recommend this product.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Browning Command Ops Elite 22
Browning Trail Cameras
Model Year:
Sub Micro
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
70 ft
Flash Range:
80 ft
Field of View:
42 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.30 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
32 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

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