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Moultrie M-8000 77/100

Manufacturer: Moultrie




The Moultrie M8000 Game Camera is a part of the M-Series of cameras, which offers high performance, superior image quality, and advanced features. This compact camera features a 20 MP image resolution, 0.3-second trigger speed, 80-foot detection, and 100-foot flash range. The camera also boasts a long-range infrared flash and the ILLUMI-NIGHT 2 sensor for bright and clear nighttime images. It operates on 8 AA batteries and can take up to 19,000 pictures. In addition, the M8000 records Full HD video and is fully compatible with Moultrie Mobile's MV2 and MA2 cellular field modems. The camera's no-glow infrared flash captures nighttime images up to 80 feet away without alerting the game or intruders. It also extends the flash range by 20 to 30 feet over A-series models. The M-Series cameras are ideal for trails, rub and scrape lines, and anywhere deer are on the move. The camera's video recording capability can show animals interacting in their natural environment. In addition, its fast trigger speeds and high-resolution images are perfect for capturing the movement of trophy bucks and predators. The M-Series cameras run on 8 AA batteries and come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase with valid proof of purchase from an authorized Moultrie dealer.
Camera picture: Moultrie M-8000 - Moultrie M-8000
Moultrie M-8000
Camera picture: Moultrie M-8000 - Deployed - Moultrie M-8000
Moultrie M-8000 - Deployed
Camera picture: Moultrie M-8000 - Screen View - Moultrie M-8000
Moultrie M-8000 - Screen View


  • Far-Reaching Detection Range
  • Excellent Locking Design
  • Two Year Warranty


  • Mediocre Lowlight Images
  • Poor Battery Life in Video Mode
  • Visible Flash

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 18/20

Speed: 8/10

Accuracy: 7/10

Battery Life: 6/10

Daylight Images: 8/10

Day picture: Black Wolf - Moultrie M-8000
Black Wolf
Day picture: Billy the Mountain Goat - Moultrie M-8000
Billy the Mountain Goat
Day picture: Elk Bulls - Moultrie M-8000
Elk Bulls
Day picture: Two Coyotes - Moultrie M-8000
Two Coyotes
Day picture: Elk & Two Calves - Moultrie M-8000
Elk & Two Calves
Day picture: Young Elk Bull - Moultrie M-8000
Young Elk Bull
Day picture: Mule Deer Buck - Moultrie M-8000
Mule Deer Buck
Day picture: Elk Cow - Moultrie M-8000
Elk Cow

Lowlight Images: 7/10

Lowlight picture: Lowlight Mule Deer Buck - Moultrie M-8000
Lowlight Mule Deer Buck
Lowlight picture: Lowlight Elk Cow - Moultrie M-8000
Lowlight Elk Cow

Night Images: 7/10

Night picture: Young Elk Bull - Moultrie M-8000
Young Elk Bull
Night picture: Two Young Elk Bulls - Moultrie M-8000
Two Young Elk Bulls
Night picture: Elk at Night - Moultrie M-8000
Elk at Night
Night picture: Elk Herd at Night - Moultrie M-8000
Elk Herd at Night

Design: 16/20

Verdict: 77/100

The M-8000 and its no-glow twin M-8000i game cams have been some of our most dependable and favorite cameras for many years. The super fast, super accurate, and far-reaching detection range made this game camera stand out. In addition, until today, this camera has the best cable-lock security design. Swapping memory cards and batteries are convenient and easy, as you don't have to remove the cable lock completely. Instead, you just loosen it up. The only downside is the battery life when in video mode. One of our cams lasted over two years when in photo mode and equipped with lithium batteries. Unfortunately, Moultrie discontinued the M-Line, and the current non-cellular offerings from this manufacturer are far from the quality of this trail camera. 

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Moultrie M-8000
Model Year
M Series
Flash Type
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels
Max Video
No. of Sensors
Detection Range
80 ft
Flash Range
80 ft
Field of View
40 degrees
Trigger Speed
0.30 second
Min Delay
1 seconds
Max Delay
60 minutes
Max Card Size
64 GB
24 months

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