Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK) 78/100

MSRP: $119.99 Manufacturer: CAMPARKCAM




The Camparkcam TC06 is a dual-lens, 120 degrees ultra-wide angle lens trail camera capable of 60-megapixel still pictures or 4K high-def videos powered by a Sony IMX458 chip. Photo and video modes have separate resolution settings for day and night. The resolution The camera uses traditional infrared illumination that, under ideal conditions, will also capture color images even under low light or at night, thanks to its Starlight Night Vision function. The TC06 also has WiFi and Bluetooth but no cellular connectivity option. The game camera has three motion sensors, and the manufacturer lists the trigger speed at only 0.1 seconds. The detection range is listed at only 65 feet, but we have seen detection past 80 feet. A  standard SD card of up to 128GB is supported. The camera uses eight AA batteries and can be secured with a standard cable lock. 

Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Latch - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Latch
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Side - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Side
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Cable Locking - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Cable Locking
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Back View - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Back View
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Side View - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Side View
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Accessories - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Accessories
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Front - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Front
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Open - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Open
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Battery Tray - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Battery Tray
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Display and Buttons - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Display and Buttons
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Memory Card Slot - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Memory Card Slot
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Display On - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Display On
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Infrared Flash - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Infrared Flash
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Mounted - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Mounted
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Mounted & Locked - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Mounted & Locked
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Box Side - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Box Side
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Box - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Box
Camera picture: Camparkcam TC06 - Open Box - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Camparkcam TC06 - Open Box


  • Night & Lowlight Color Images
  • Dual Lens
  • 4K Videos
  • WiFi & Bluetooth


  • Visible Illumination
  • Short Strap with Plastic Buckle
  • Padlock & Cable Lock are Both Required to Secure the Camera

Camera Ratings

Detection Range: 16/20

That manufacturer lists the detection range as 20 meters (65 feet), but we have seen triggers past 80 feet.

Speed: 8/10

The trigger speed is excellent, and even the video trigger is almost instant.

Doe with two offsprings
Young bull elk in velvet

Accuracy: 8/10

As we deployed our game camera during the colder temperatures, we have not experienced any significant issues with false triggers. However, this may change once the temperatures rise, as more trail cameras are only sensitive to the wind during the summer.

Light Colored Grey Wolf

Battery Life: 8/10

We are using regular AA Duracell brand alkaline batteries for our first test. The camera is in video mode and has been deployed for about six weeks. The battery status is showing 70%.

Daylight Images: 9/10

Daytime pictures and videos are excellent. The images are sharp, and considering the 120 degrees ultra-wide field of view, the distortion is minimal. 

Young Moose Sniffing Cam
Elk checking out our game camera
Daytime Mule Deer Buck
Elk Calf from Camparkcam TC06

Lowlight Images: 7/10

Under low light, the images are still very good, but we were hoping for more color images when it gets dark. 

Big Mule Deer Buck

Night Images: 8/10

Similarly to lowlight images, we were hoping for nighttime color imagery. Again, we were able to produce full-color videos while testing at home, but for some reason, we are not having much luck getting color images in the field. Other than that, the infrared LED illumination produces high-quality nighttime pictures and videos, but the flash is visible to human eyes and may spook some animals. 

Elk Herd
Bull elk inspecting our trail cam
Mule Deer Buck During a Storm
Young Mule Deer Buck
Elk Cow
Four Coyotes at Night
Night picture: Herd of Elk During a Storm - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Herd of Elk During a Storm
Night picture: Two Elk Bull Spikes - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Two Elk Bull Spikes
Night picture: Elk Cows - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Elk Cows
Night picture: Mule Deer Doe at Night - Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Mule Deer Doe at Night
Elk Cow at Night

Design: 14/20

The Camparkcam TC06 trail camera boasts a revolutionary dual-lens and Starlight Night Vision function, enhancing its image capture capability. Its dual-lens design includes an Ultra HD camera lens for daytime and an image noise reduction lens for nighttime. 

The game camera also features a Sony IMX458 image sensor, Novatek 96670 chip, and a 6-layer premium glass wide-angle lens. The TC06 has a 2.4'' LCD screen with a preview mode, and its video resolution can be adjusted to 4K 30FPS, 2K 60FPS, and 1080P 60FPS. 

Moreover, the camera has an advanced H.265 4K 30fps video recording with a sound that saves up to 90% of memory card storage compared to MJPG videos used in almost all trail cameras.

Furthermore, the game cam features 3 PIR sensors and an ultra-fast trigger speed of 0.1s, activating the camera as soon as animal movements are detected. 

Additionally, the camera offers WiFi and Bluetooth functions. Through the WiFi application, users can easily adjust the camera's settings on their phone, even in areas that are not conveniently reachable. The pictures and videos can also be previewed through the app. 

Lastly, the TC06 is compatible with a standard cable lock, and a padlock can be used to secure the latch. A mounting strap and a mounting bracket are also included. 

Verdict: 78/100

Overall, the Camparkcam TC06 trail camera boasts a range of advanced features and settings that set it apart from other trail cameras on the market. The camera's ultra-wide 120-degree lens can capture excellent photos of up to 60 megapixels and 4K HD videos.

While we would appreciate further development in nighttime color photography, the technology is still new, and we are grateful to have it.

Setting up the camera is a breeze, and while the settings menu may be somewhat unconventional, it is still simple to navigate. Given that the TC06 can capture 60MP photos and 4K videos, having more than 128GB of SD memory capacity would be preferable, as these files are large and can fill up the card quickly.

The WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities are handy for those who keep the camera on their property. We would love to see also a no-glow version (no-glow vs. low-glow) of this camera, as 120 degrees ultra-wide no-glow cams are almost non-existent. 

Despite this, the Camparkcam TC06 trail camera provides excellent value for anyone looking for a high-end trail camera unit at a reasonable price.

UPDATE: Camparkcam has rebranded to WOOPEAK and the camera is now available under the WOOPEAK TC06 name. 


If you're considering the Camparkcam TC06, the iZEEKER iG600 trail camera is an excellent alternative. These cameras are nearly identical in terms of their design and features, with an identical screen and setup menu. The main differences are that the iG600 has a 48MP photo resolution and a 10-second minimum delay between triggers, while the TC06 offers 60MP pictures and a 5-second delay. The iZEEKER iG600 also has a higher memory card capacity, supporting up to 256GB compared to the TC06's maximum of 128GB. More importantly, the iZEEKER iG600 has an "Auto-Extend" video recording option not included in the TC06. However, if this functionality is not important to you, consider choosing the more affordable option at the time of purchase.

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User Reviews

Dec. 16, 2022, 5:53 p.m.
trailcam 10/10

This camera is great!

Dec. 16, 2022, 5:54 p.m.
trailcam 10/10

This camera is great!

Feb. 12, 2023, 4:01 p.m.
mikeymouse 10/10

This camera is useless, as a GAME CAMERA, since it has a ViSIBLE FLASH.

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Official specs from the manufacturer.
Camparkcam TC06 (WOOPEAK)
Model Year:
Flash Type:
Low-Glow IR
Max Pixels:
Max Video:
No. of Sensors:
Detection Range:
65 ft
Flash Range:
65 ft
Field of View:
120 degrees
Trigger Speed:
0.10 second
Min Delay:
5 seconds
Max Delay:
60 minutes
Max Card Size:
128 GB
Live View:
12 months
Country of Origin:

Questions & Answers

My TC06 is a Native2023 model 60 mp Generic brand, dual camera IT has a port for a 6-volt solar panel . Where can I find the right solar panel for it ? I tried a wing home solar panel that had three different Power jacks. All too big ???
Camparkcam does have its own solar panel available through Amazon and Manufacturer Part Number: BC179. WingHome Solar model WH100 is also a highly-rated solar panel available through Amazon.

My TC06 doesn't recognise my memory card.
Although you didn't specify the brand, size, or model of your memory card, this issue is relatively common and not exclusive to your camera. Some cameras can be selective, and it's worth noting that a memory card that works flawlessly in one camera may not be compatible with another. Often, the root of this issue lies in the file system used by the memory card, such as FAT32 or exFAT. When the memory card employs a different file system, it may not be acknowledged or function correctly.

Outdated camera firmware can also contribute to compatibility problems, as it may not be equipped to recognize or interact effectively with the latest memory cards. Additionally, memory card quality and reliability can vary among brands and models. Some cameras are particularly sensitive to the quality of the memory card, leading to compatibility concerns with specific brands or models.

If formatting the memory card within the camera doesn't resolve the issue, your best course of action is to try a different memory card from an alternative brand. In our experience, SanDisk and Samsung cards have exhibited high compatibility rates.

Does it record sound?
Yes, the TC06 camera does record sound.

My TC06 connects to the blue tooth, but not to the WIFI. I cannot find an active WIFI signal for it. Any suggestions for help. Their customer service email ([email protected]) is slow to respond and inadequate. Any other resources for help?

Maximum video length
The max video length is two minutes.

Photo & Video Samples