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MSRP: $199.99 GardePro

63/100 GardePro X50 Cellular

The GardePro X50 is a cellular trail camera with 4G LTE connectivity that operates on AT&T and T-Mobile cellular networks and comes with a pre-installed sim card. The X50 can be remotely controlled and managed …

MSRP: $92.99 GardePro

70/100 GardePro E5S

This review of the GardePro E5S game camera is almost a carbon copy of our review of the Meidase P60 trail camera because those cameras are virtually identical. The GardePro E5S is an affordable camera …

MSRP: $92.99 GardePro

43/100 GardePro A3

The GardePro A3 is one of the best-selling cameras on Amazon, and we were eager to get our hands on this camera. Since April 2020, we have had four GardePro A3 cameras in the field. …